Parents Love Us!

I highly recommend Irma and A New Day CDC. Irma & her staff are kind and nurturing. My 18 month old grandson has been going to A New Day CDC since December 2018. I learned he would be coming to live with us with only a week to prepare I have never had children so having Irma and her staff to ask for advise was such a blessing. My grandson loves going to A New Day CDC he is learning so much and just knowing he loves his daycare is beyond a blessing for us. The daycare is always so clean & I love the activities the Teachers plan for the kids. I am forever grateful to Irma and her Teachers for loving my grandson just like we love him.

Ginger H. 04/2019

My 3 year old son has been at A new day just three months and he loves it! He already has learned more in the last three months than he has in a whole year at his old day care. Also his teacher is so sweet and really loves on him and that makes me feel good when I leave him. What a blessing finding Ms. Erma and this daycare has been for us!

Mandy P. 03/2018

Love, Love Love A New Day!!  I toured several other “highly recommended” preschools and they seemed like institutions to me.  Babies were crying, teachers looked like zombies, no one seemed to be having a good time.  At a New Day it’s more like a home.   Children are loved and nurtured and everyone has a smile when you walk in.  My daughter takes a while to get accustomed to new things, and they went out of their way to make her transition successful.  So refreshing and exactly what I was looking for!

Mari W. 03/2016

I highly recommend this wonderful preschool – A New Day Child Development Center is a wonderful place for our son (4). Initially, we shopped around for a preschool looking for good quality care and instruction at a reasonably price and we couldn t be happier with our choice! It s been a great 2 years! A New Day is an inviting, stimulating, safe, and fun place that he LOVES to go to (seriously we don t have to battle to get him ready for school!). As working parents we worried about finding a place where he would feel at home and still get all the stimulation he needs. He is engaged and excited, and comes home sharing new stories, songs, words, concepts and things he has learned. Apart from this, they also learn good manners, sharing and caring. He loves all the ladies who work there and I always get the feeling that they would do everything in their power to make sure he s ok. Mrs. Irma and her team are experts, have a great place and they are exceptionally capable, loving and nurturing. He loves it at New Day our experience has been very positive and I recommend it to everyone I meet who are looking for a place for their kid.

Madia L. 04/2014

We are so fortunate and blessed to have found A New Day CDC. Irma and her staff are absolutely amazing and provide a disciplined, well structured, fun and loving environment for the kids. Irma gives a new meaning to “Owner Operated” and is involved in every aspect of the school’s operations, program development, etc. I pick my kids up from school each day and they are sad to leave but excited about tomorrow’s adventures. We relocated from Southern California to Texas and were anxious about switching schools. From the moment we walked in and were welcomed with extended and kind arms – we knew we’d found a great home for our kids. We found out about A New Day CDC through a friend of a friend who gave glowing reviews. To me, that’s the best way to find out about a school – talk to other parents. We’re lucky to be part of the A.N.D.C.D.C. family and so thankful for this wonderful school!

Tiffany C.-04/2014

My daughter is a new student at A New Day Child Development Center and it already is the best move I made for her. She had attended a different school and I was not seeing her growing or learning the way I was wanting for her to. In the first week my daughter is already coming home from school ecstatic to tell me, “Mommy! Today I learned Spanish!” (Which was also a huge plus here at this school.) I see her doing more, learning more and growing more in this week than what I was getting the last two years at her prior school. Irma, the owner/director of the school has been amazing and I truly feel blessed that I was connected with this school. It is an incredible feeling being able to watch your daughter grow and learn. I believe, having the right school plays a huge part in that. So Thank you, A New Day CDC, for being apart of this adventure in teaching my daughter and watching her grow!

Sara H.-04/2014

A New Day CDC is a great place where I feel comfortable taking my 2 year old. Irma and all of the staff are very loving and caring. The school has great programs such as the annual Christmas program, Easter Egg Hunts, photo sessions during school hours with a professional photographer (not standard school pictures), and haircut sessions on select days if you chose to participate. The school does not operate out of a mega-building, therefore making it ideal for children who haven’t been to school before. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. My child loves going to school at A New Day. I am so happy that my friend recommended it to me.

Julie L.-04/2014

A New Day CDC has been a great find for our preschooler. It’s a great cross between being at home and going to Kindergarten, so I know my daughter will be prepared to go to school in the fall. The teachers are loving and care for the kids. Irma is involved every day with the kids and the curriculum. My daughter loves going to A New Day because she loves to learn new things and play with her friends. She has bonded with her teachers and enjoyed each of the field trips she’s gone on. She is disappointed some weekends because she doesn’t get to go to school.


I absolutely love A New Day Child Development Center! We are so blessed and grateful to have found Irma and all the wonderful teachers at this school. My son was unhappy in another school and we were referred here and have not looked back! Not only is the environment a great learning one, but also it is a very warm, nurturing and safe place for children. I tell everyone I can how much we love it!


Everyone is great with the kids, and Irma has always been fair. They work hard to make it a fun and educational experience. The Christmas program has been at Spicewood Vineyard the last two years, so that’s always fun! Irma has also planned occasional get-togethers for all the parents to meet, which is a great idea since we’re usually running past each other trying to get to work, etc.

MK-Austin, TX-04/2014

My husband and I LOVE this place! We actually pulled our daughter out of Primrose in favor of A New Day. For the 12 + months we had her at this well-respected pre-school, we had a ridiculously hard time convincing her to go. It was excruciating to know how much she didn’t want to go, yet finding no visible reason to quit sending her. We finally made the switch when we were looking to cut expenses and drive time. After a couple of days, we noticed the first sign that we’d done the right thing. We went inside to pick her up. She was busy at the arts and crafts table. I gently ran my fingers through her hair and she didn’t turn around to see who had touched her. WHAT!? At Primrose, she would whip her head around to see who it was and either begin crying (I assume with relief) or drop what she was doing to grab her backpack and want to get going STAT. But on this day, she continued her craft even after she realized we were there to pick her up. I took this as an indicator that she probably receives a good amount of affection. In the mornings, she’s eager to get dressed and get to school to see her friends. Ms. Irma keeps us informed as to how she’s doing – just yesterday we got a text letting us know that our daughter had been coughing. I was able to stop by the pharmacy and pick up saline spray before picking her up. (“A” is for Austin and Allergies!) Ms. Irma cares deeply about the children and it shows. She runs A New Day like a well-oiled machine and I have full confidence in leaving my precious cargo with her. I can’t believe we waited this long to make the better choice!

Jessica R.-Austin, TX-05/2013

This is the third school we have attended and by far the best. We love all the teachers, my son learns so much and really enjoys it. We had issues at the other schools but since he has been here everything is great. He doesn’t try to fight, uses his words and manners better now too. I can not even explain how blessed we are to have found this place.

Tava H-Austin, TX-03/2013

My husband and I are overjoyed to have our daughter At A New Day CDC.  After months of searching for a center that would meet our needs as well as our daughters, we finally found perfection.  Ms. Irma and her incredible staff have done an amazing job with my 2.5 year old. I see it everyday in her creativity, her verbal expressions and her sense of self, that which can only come from a n intimate and personal setting like A New Day. Thank you so much Ms. Irma and staff for sharing you talents with all of our children.

Audrey W.–Spicewood, TX-10/2012

A New Day CDC is like a home away from home – Irma and her team knows how to work with the little ones to make them feel loved and cherished – as well as to prepare them for school and life in general. It feels like a partnership, or extension from the home, and they do all they can to ensure the kids get off to a great start in life. I really liked the smaller teacher – kids ratios – they get to know each child personally, and I never had an issue to get my little one to ‘school’ – she went smiling every day. I can sincerely recommend this facility for your kids – they will be loved and nurtured in a great environment.

Charmaine S.–Spicewood, TX-10/2012

We just love Ms. Irma and her school “A New Day CDC”. I had my Grandson staying with me for 3 yrs. and he went to “A New Day CDC”. He was a bit of a hand full, as they say very active, and very smart. Ms. Irma and her staff help me turn my Grandson into a boy that would listen & play well with others. It was nothing short of a miracle. He wanted to go to school every day, even the weekends! He was well prepared for Pre-K and is now in Kindergarten at regular school. He gets “Green Smiley Faces” almost every day!  In the future if I am in need of childcare I will return to “A New Day”.

Robin C.-Spicewood, TX-10/2012

Fantastic alternative to staying home with our son!  When we lost hope of securing a spot in any of the schools we visited, we found Ms. Irma and her school and knew we were in the right place.  That first day of wonder and uncertainty was alleviated by the multiple text and photos regarding our son’s progress and smiles of his first day of school.  The staff is top notch regarding each teacher:  loving, caring and nurturing.  Whether a regular school day, theme day or field trip day, the kids are safe, nurtured and taught something special toward creating a foundation of learning in each child.  We are grateful to Ms. Irma for creating such a place for our son to spend his day!

Russ E.-Austin, TX-10/2012

I am one picky parent and want the best for my child.  I could not have picked a better place for my child not only to be loved and cared for, but he is also learning so much.  I am very pleased with A New Day Child Development Center.  Ms. Irma, Mrs. Kit & Mrs. Gayle are absolutely amazing at what they do with these kids each and every day.

MML-Austin, TX-07/2012

I feel lucky that I found A New Day CDC. Irma and her staff genuinely love and have provided a safe, clean, and nurturing environment for my son for almost a year. I enrolled my son when he was 20 months, and almost immediately his vocabulary expanded. The school is small, allowing my child to have a lot of attention and really get to know his classmates. One of the reasons I love A New Day so much is that Ms. Irma’s protocols and professionalism always have the best interest of your child. I would recommend A New Day CDC to any parent with the utmost confidence. Leaving your child in someone else’s care is a big deal. The sincerity and genuine love the teachers have for their students will make you feel at ease to know they are in a great place.

Alex Davis-Austin, TX-07/2012 

Our son was having issues at another daycare. We had to struggle in the morning when dropping him off; he didn’t want to stay there and would cry. He was also scratching and biting his friends. We had to find an alternative. He now goes to New Day child development center. In the morning, he runs in and he is not scratched or bitten anybody since. We are so happy – and relieved – to have found Ms. Irma’s wonderful center. Our son is doing great and we know he is well cared for throughout the day.

Ms. Irma and her staff are so caring and knowledgeable about young children. The facility is super clean and organized. The staff shows respect and boundaries that create a peaceful and thoughtful environment. Highly recommended!

C. Cucina-Austin, TX-05/2012

A New Day CDC is a wonderful place for our kids. (3 and 2) Ms. Irma, Mrs. Gayle and Mrs. Kit are all so loving to our children. Our son can’t wait to get there to see his teacher every day. The atmosphere is very homey, organized, clean and conducive to a wonderful learning and growing environment. We love all of the activities that they do, including field trips, arts, crafts, celebrations etc. We have visited a ton of other places in the Austin area, and A New Day CDC is by far the best we found. Our 23 month old has really improved in her talking, playing and sharing since she’s been there, and our 3 year old enjoys his friends and learning. As working parents, it is hard to entrust a capable, loving, nurturing environment for your kids at a young age. It is so important to find a safe place for them while away from home. Ms. Irma treats our kids like her own. She is an expert at what she does and all of us truly love her for the care she gives and the job she does on a daily basis.

R Donaldson-Austin TX-03/2012