A New Day Early Childhood Education Programs

A New Day Child Development Center offers early childhood education programs in Spicewood, TX, for children between the ages of 12 months of age up to the age of five. At A New Day Child Development Center, your child will soon be enjoying early learning activities in our fun settings!  Our programs and activities are designed with that in mind. They will help us prepare your children for a bright future, and have fun along the way!

The children are exposed to a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, socialization, large muscle group activities, educational and life skills, and general learning for each child at their own pace.

Our Programs Will:

  • Build enthusiasm for life-long learning

  • Offer skills on socialization and cooperation

  • Teach through hands-on and experiences

  • Help children learn skills such as teamwork and respect

  • Demonstrate concentration and patience

  • Build confidence, self-esteem, and autonomy

  • Expose children to a world of diversity


12 Months to 2-Year-Old Toddler Learners: Curiosity, Creativity & Fun!

Here at A New Day Child Development Center, we provide the perfect balance of learning, nurturing and playtime!

The Toddler Learners’ curriculum is designed to inspire and encourage children through curiosity and fun. Hands-on sensory-oriented activities and playing pretend are just some of the ways children discover more about their world. Each day we spend time together doing large and small group activities to encourage making friends and playing well with others; as this is an important developmental milestone at this young age.

Whether it’s walking up the playscape or sliding down the slide on the playground, stacking building blocks, or playing with their favorite age-appropriate toy, your child will learn as they discover and explore. Your child will be encouraged to try new ideas and explore their surroundings – while learning about their world and being introduced to numbers, letters, shapes, and colors with the guidance of our experienced teachers. Your child will build skills and confidence through games, songs, art, music, and movement as our experienced teachers provide an outlet for their creative expression.


3 Year Olds Ready, Set, Go!

Curious, energetic and imaginative are just a few words to describe our 3-year-olds! To help direct that energy, you will find our classrooms full of literature, arts, math, sensory, creative art, dramatic play, music and movement, as well as, outdoor activity each and every day! We provide hands-on activities and independent creative play to allow your child to develop at their own pace. Your child will enjoy working on recognizing the alphabet and the phonetic sounds the letters make with fun characters and music – they love it! You will see your child build friendships, develop problem-solving skills, and create a wonderful imagination during these very important years!


Pre-K 4-5 Year Old Skill Builders

With our Skill Builders, we cultivate each child’s life-long love of learning by empowering them with both educational and life skills. Getting Skill Builders ready for kindergarten is an exciting and special time for our staff and our children. Through our curriculum, each child will be equipped with the critical thinking skills needed to succeed in kindergarten, elementary school, and daily life. Our curriculum is designed to promote that each child is skilled in reading, writing, math, and science. Every child will participate in hands-on sensory-oriented activities, constructing their knowledge through exploration, investigation, story, and play. Each child has time to explore and investigate through play by using materials to create and construct at their own pace.